Safety Gloves Unraveled

An Overview of Hand Protection and Hand Protection Technologies


Undoubtedly, hand protection is by far one of the most important areas of Occupational Health & Safety, as we use our hands to get the job done more so than any other parts of our body. However, unlike other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), not only is there a need to protect our working hands, but also a need to enhance their performance under varying hazardous conditions.

But with literally hundreds of different work gloves out in the market, it is difficult for PPE Sales Forces to keep up and figure out what they are all for, and if they are indeed recommending the right products for both safety and application.

This seminar is given by a field expert in hand protection and hand protection technologies, and it’s geared towards orienting, reviewing and updating PPE Sales Forces on modern hand protection technologies. The seminar covers:

  • Legal Aspects of Hand Protection

  • General Categories of Modern Work Gloves

  • & The Different Technologies Driving Them

By the end of the seminar, participants should come away with:

  • An updated and better understanding of modern work gloves and hand protection technologies

  • An enhanced knowledge-based platform on which to base hand-protection recommendations

  • A better sense of the technologies that are driving the safety glove industry

  • ADO International Certificate of Attendance and Participation

Who can benefit from this seminar?

From a safety and practical standpoint, this seminar is useful to a great number of people including:

  • PPE Distributor Sales Forces

  • PPE Product Managers and

  • PPE Distributor Customer Care Service Staff

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