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With a population of over 500 million, out of which 400 million is Spanish speaking, Latin America is one of the biggest  markets in the world.  But even though countries in this region share a common language and similar historical backgrounds, the differences need to be understood. For in as rewarding as this region can be, it is also one of the most challenging one in terms of exporting and developing.

With an adrenalin shot of over 18 years of exporting and selling experience, this training seminar is a game-changer in that it focuses on the key elements that need to be understood in order to make a go of it, and succeed. In effect, the years and years that it has taken successful exporting companies to decipher this market, are all packed into this 2 hour seminar.


The Topics of Discussion Include:

  • The context in which the entire region should be seen and segmented

  • The business and operational psychology that needs to be adopted in order to succeed

  • The right export/import documentation

  • The right way of setting-up internally in order to increase the odds of success

By the end of the seminar, what should participants come away with?

By the end of the seminar, participants should come away with:

  • A good wide-angle shot of the this region’s business landscape

  • A good sense of the specific challenges of this region and how to overcome them

  • A good mental image of how to build or adjust the export game plan for this region

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