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Export Sales, International Business


As a way of expanding sales, ADO offers manufacturers and exporters alike game-changing know-how on initiating and conducting international business without falling into the common pitfalls that every exporter has fallen into when they began. This is done by way of a set of practical seminar trainings that are given from a seasoned professional’s point of view rather than from an academic’s.

For the novice exporter, the seminars give an unprecedented level of orientation on the international business issues that will be confronted, and the best way for handling them;  issues such as the standard international protocols of engagement and the financial, legal and logistic complexities of doing business across borders.  In effect, the main objective of the seminars is for operational company managers to get a much better understanding of the landscape and of what needs to be done in order to become export ready and efficient.

For companies already exporting but experiencing some difficulties, the seminars shed light on how to do things better so that border crossing and selling abroad become an easier and more efficient task. If anything, the seminars provide a basis and an opportunity for companies to look closer and re-evaluate the way in which they have been operating in the area of exports.

Training Seminars -  Export Sales

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