Export Sales, Export Import Documentation

The Ins and Out of International Business

Part II:  Guidelines for the Issuance of Export / Import Documentation


In terms doing business beyond our borders……

Odds are that your company may be working with invoices and other documents that are of little use to you or anybody else.

That is, they may be inadequate for customs officials and other authorities who need to make sense of them, and for the customer who needs to clear the goods which they recently bought from your company.

The fact is that export/Import documentation, if not properly issued, can quite easily lead to unnecessary border delays, demurrage and fines. They are quite often used around the world as a non-tariff barrier to entry. In some cases, countries make their documentary requirements so stringent, that most exporters have an extremely hard time complying.

In light of this, this one-and-a-half hour seminar lays out effective guidelines for issuing export/import documentation so as to:

 A.  Greatly reduce costly customs entanglements anywhere around the world, and

B.  Significantly increase border efficiency and export sales

The Pro-Forma Invoice

The Invoice

The Packing List (Pick List)

The Certificate of origin

The Bill of Lading

Each of these documents is looked at and explained in detail, so as to allow companies to understand how is it that they should be setting-up their IT systems for proper international business documentary output.

It is actually simpler than it sounds


By the end of the seminar, what should participants come away with?

By the end of the seminar, participants should come away with a clear understanding of all the required standard documents that are needed for export sales, and the way they need to be issued in order to avoid costly customs entanglements anywhere around the world. 

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