The Ins and Out of International Business

Part 1:   The Power-Shot Orientation


“It is a candid discussion on how to be export and sales effective across international borders”

This is a two hour pro-training seminar delivered by an experienced field-qualified pro rather than an academic. It is a candid discussion on how to be export and sales effective across international borders. While the discussion touches on some of the standard points, it mostly delivers the kind of insights that only an experienced pro can deliver –insights such as:

  • Surgical precision identification of the critical exporting issues that actually do matter, and how to overcome them
  • Once a decision has been taken, where do we begin?  And what is it that needs to be done right away/ immediately to avoid common pitfalls, costly errors and failures?

  • In which context to understand and overcome the different trade barriers

  • The do’s and don’ts of international business, &

  • Internal systems set-up requirements

The training zeros in on key things that exporting companies should have known and done right from the start, but didn’t; and which they later learned through painful lessons.

By the end of the seminar, what should participants come away with?

By the end of the seminar, participants should come away with:

  • A good wide-angle shot of the international business landscape and its workings

  • A good sense of how the game is professionally played by all players in it

  • A good sense of what to do to be a competent part of the game

  • Key step-by-step instructions on how to effectively set-up to do export sales

  • A good mental image of how to develop or adjust the company export game plan

Who can benefit from this pro-training seminar?

Although the training assumes an audience of working business professionals, just about anybody who is interested in developing export markets can gain from it, including:

  • Companies already engaged in export and import marketing

  • Companies planning to engage in developing export markets

  • Entrepreneurs & 

  • Students and academics alike

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