Managed from Toronto, Canada, ADO International is a company that provides worldwide training, services and products in the area of Hand Protection.

ADO is managed and operated by Andrew D. Oporto who is a field authority in Hand Protection and Hand Protection Technologies. He is also a consummated professional in the area of International Marketing and Product Management. Aside from having a Management Degree from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, he also has various certifications.

With more than twenty years of professional field experience, he is fluent in English and Spanish, and has concluded business in many parts of the world including all of Latin America, North America, the Caribbean, parts of Western and Eastern Europe and parts of the Middle East.


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By virtue of his profession, special training and years of experience, Andrew D. Oporto is a consummated professional in the area of International Marketing & Business Development. To this effect, he provides companies with the opportunity and the ability to seamlessly expand their markets internationally. His professional credentials are as follows:

Degree:   Bachelor of Business Management                                                     Ryerson University – 1990, Toronto, ON, Canada

Certifications   (all certifications -  Ryerson University)

  • Economic Analysis - Toronto, ON

  • Marketing Management - Toronto, ON

  • HR Management - Toronto, ON

(Relevant University Credits)

  • International Marketing

  • International Economics

  • International Trade (Export / Import Management)

  • Legal Aspects of International Business

Field Experience

20 years of professional work experience in the roles of:

  • Regional Manager for Latin America (Industrial Work Gloves)

  • International Sales & Marketing (Material Handling Industrial Equipment)

  • Commodity Trading (Milk Powders & Ingredients)

Field Papers

GID -100: Guidelines for the Issuance of Export / Import Documentation

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Andrew’s level of expertise in the Field of Hand Protection and Hand Protection Technologies is wide and consists of:

  • In-depth technical knowledge of the different technologies and innovations driving the safety glove industry, including cut resistant fibers and composite fibers, flame retardant fabrics, and the specific performances of other material components and polymer coatings

  • In-depth technical knowledge of European and North American standards and regulations that apply to hand protection products

  • In-depth knowledge of the global safety glove market and all of its major players (manufacturers as well as large importer national distributors around the world)

As Product Manager - Hand Protection for Ronco Protective Products in Canada, he oversaw the development, the market entry, and management of the company’s entire range of industrial work gloves. He also served as Technical Advisor to marketing, sales and upper management. He was also the Principal Spokesperson for all outside technical enquiries relating to industrial work gloves.

As Regional Manager for Latin America for Midas Safety Inc., he visited, sold and product trained the biggest importing national distributors of that region for hand protection.

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