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  • PPE Distributor Sales Forces

  • Health & Safety Managers

  • International Organizations

NOTE: ADO International Certificate of Attendance and Participation are given at the end of each seminar

A. Development of entire work glove lines

B. Assessment and re-alignment of all glove lines

C. Development of written technical marketing materials for glove lines

D. Development of nomenclature (item part numbers) systems for product lines

E. Product Management Training on bringing in new products from overseas manufacturers

For new product development or resourcing

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Safety Gloves Unravelled is useful for:

  • PPE Distributor Sales Forces

  • PPE Distributor Customer Care Service Staff

  • PPE Product Managers

The Cutting Edge is useful for:

  • PPE Distributor Sales Forces wanting to better understand hand cut protection

  • Health & Safety Professionals wanting to better understand hand cut protection for workers

  • Professionals in regulatory bodies or other professional jurisdictions wanting to become rapidly versed in the field of hand cut protection

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Insights into the World of Hand Protection & Safety Gloves is useful for:

  • Managers and other professionals involved in the Health & Safety of their organizations

  • International organizations providing international assistance

  • Trade unions within different industries


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