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•   Seminar Trainings   -  on various areas of hand protection (with seminar participation certificates)

•   Independent Hand Protection Assessments -  for particular jobs or work environments 

•   Development of Work Gloves -  for particular applications 

•   Development of Branded Lines of Work Gloves  -  for distribution

•   FAQ -  work gloves

•   Cut and Impact Resistant gloves for the Oil & Gas, Mining and Construction industry

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 (with seminar participation certificates)

(with seminar participation certificates)


The In's and out of Doing International Business  -  series of seminars 

     Part 1:  The Power Shot Orientation

     Part 2:  Guidelines for the Issuance of Export / Import Documentation

     Latin America  -  Successfully Exporting & Developing the Region



     Product Management  -  step by step guide on how to bring product in and make it ready for sale

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•  Hand Protection Technologies -   Agriculture & Forestry

•  Hand Protection Technologies -   Construction & Demolition

•  Hand Protection Technologies -   Healthcare & Bio-Hazards

•  Hand Protection Technologies -   Oil, Gas & Mining

•  Hand Protection Technologies -   Waste Management

Winning Italian Design     protective eye workwear technologies

World's Strongest Fiber        (by weight, 15x stronger than steel)

High performance fiber used in a variety of applications including bullet proof vests and cut resistant gloves

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